Monday, July 9


- As I announced not long ago, a lot of projects have been poping out of my brain lately. I'm still trying to give them the best of shape so you can get to appreciate them as much as I do.
This time, I come with a new section. One that will be showing up weekly. The CLOSET will bring you all the musts everyone should have on their wardrobe. Those basics I have my mouth full of all the time. I will include a picture of mine and I will try to provide you with all the possible options of combining it and also with the best stores to find them in. Here we go.


There is no chic summer without a black polo shirt. I get a new one every year because the black ends up faded at the end of the sumer because of all the times I've used it. This particular one —my favourite out of all— is by POLO Ralph Lauren; it is very high quality and it fits you perfectly. I recommend you the Custom-fit, though. Both for women and men it is the best fit you can find; but go for it only if you like tops fitted, if not, go for the Classic fit, it is more loose. Other good choices are the Lacoste model and Tommy Hilfiguer's.
Concerning the color I would definitely encourage you to do black. It is great for any occasion: semi-casual soirées in a garden, a dressed-up lunch in the city, a night out downtown, an unscheduled meeting... the opportunities to use it are simply endless. If you consider any color you will come to the conclusion that the usage of your polo will considerably narrow down.
Then, my favourite part, outifts. First of all, have this very clear in your mind: navy blue and brown are just big DON'Ts to the point of commiting a sin. Depending on the kind of occasion you have to consider different garments to put it on with. For those not so casual get-togethers at night you should go for full-length jeans, preferably greyish or very faded blue and with espadrilles or you're classic beige suede shoes. Add a beige or sand-colored blazer if cool. Ladies, any combination is pretty much allowed to you. Think skinny jeans with not-so-high heels or knee-length skirts. For cover, use a grey or cream cardigan and if you want to chic it all up, wear a colorful silk scarf on the neck with the bow to the side. Lunch-time at the city is very common at this time of the year; and so is hot, that is why you should go for something fresh —aka: short-sleeved— and comfortable. It is time for the black polo shirt. You can mix it up with all your regular pants, even those of the suits. I would tuck them in and add a belt with some color or simply a beige or kakhi one. Combine them wil nice shoes and your most preferred shades and you're done. Girls, wear a full-length white skinny jeans and suede peep-toes in either electric blue, raspberry or emerald. Some silver bracelets will rich it all up; think big black sunglasses. The time of vacation turns us into great possesors of time to the point of excess but even so we won't stop going out at night. That is another opportunity to dazzle everyone with how magnificent you look with very little effort. Guys, pick out your greatest set of faded light blue jeans and put on your Gucci shoes, we're gonna rock the night! That gorgeous timepiece will do as adornment but make sure it comes out of your black tuxedo jacket every once in a while. Finish it all up with a dark belt with a silver buckle. Women, wear it with suit-like shorts —think Dsquared2— in a light tobacco color and add some color with a short fitted blazer. Feel free about how much jewlery you bear, it will be fine. Just make sure your hair has some volume and that you have on your best pair of metalic-looking high heels on.

Stay tunned for THE post of the month. It will be up shortly.
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