Sunday, July 15

time FLIES

After weeks of postponig it, I can proudly say that my first very own project will come to the light this coming week. I cannot though tell you about the exact day, so you should keep checking back for my freshest piece of work.
As much as I'd like to give out about it, I wish it to be a rather exciting surprise for all of you and that is why no hint will be given out until the day has come. Excitement is more in me than into anybody else, that is for sure, as I'm finishing the last details to what will soon be my debut as photographer. As some of you may have already read on my fotolog, this coming project will feature my sister as the model. We tried to do something new and interesting but trying not to jeopardice fun, and I can say we quite achieved our goals on this matter.
Anyway, this is as much as you'll sneak before the whole project premiers on soVIPzone.

Remember, stay tunned.
I'm off.

PS. The picture displayed above does not belong to the photoshoot previously mentioned and it won't therefore be feautured in the post.
+ SUMMER MUSTS updated!

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