Sunday, August 12

fresh, tanned and BACK!

I'm back!
Your soVIP blogger is back from vacation in Greece. It is a beautiful country indeed. And there's a lot of glamour flowing around.
Two days in HOT Athens were followed by six in Santorini, an island of the Gods (Armani wasn't there, though). The whole experience has been pretty amazing, I have to say.

And now I'm fresh and ready to kick butt with the coolest new updates. A new project of mine is on the way, only this one will take longer and so I cannot foretell when it will be out. One way or another, stay tunned for more updates in the meantime.

I'm off.

PS. [Picture: with mom & sis striking a pose in a Santorini terrace. Credit: dad]

1 comment:

Alcie said...

Qué hay de ese blog de escape del que me hablaste ?

Estuviste en Atenas o en una de las muchas islas griegas ? Mi padre siempre me habla acerca de la isla de los gatos o algo así, llena de gatos como bien indica el nombre.

Have a good summer !