Friday, September 21

LONDON skies

Hey soVIP people!

I'm really sorry for the lack of updates on your coolness source lately. I arrived in London last Saturday and it's been pretty hectic ever since. I didn't even got Internet in my dorm room until today so I couln't so much as update fotolog very quickly from this pub. Everything's taken care of now so updates will be back to normal starting next week.
Get ready for the HARDCORE cold reviews of the finest creators from all over the globe!

I'm off.

[Pic: me with Christopher (my Mac) working together in London]


younha said...

So glad to see you around here again, my sweety boy ^^
We'll be waiting for your updates!

Richarsson said...

tu ahí en london. y yo bailando con langostinos a la luz de la luna. llororas nubes de jabonoso espesor pensando en como decirte que cuando visite tu ciudad tengamos un tête à tête con david walliams. y eso. ai lovia yu sou mach yu maderfaker

alcie said...

ya que no hay peligro de que los nazis ataquen londres, creo que puedes ser feliz al ciento por ciento. échales unos pounds a los cantautores callejeros que lo merezcan de mi parte que no hay nada como la música en vivo !! y qué viva la cultura underground por los siglos de los siglos.

OpiumDali said...

youer clothes seem like the hooligan ones, worry about it because it is strange that a hooligan writes about fashion... XD i'm a bit crazy dont worry