Thursday, November 29

fashion SPROUTS

If there is a reason why I keep going into gossip and celeb blogs, this is it. I love watching the transforming process some celebrities go through and how some of them blossom, turning into truly fashion icons. Whether the reason for the change is a personal view on clothing or a very talented stylist, I do not care. I can appreciate both things as a result of experimenting with fashion, because this is what it is all about, getting to the point where you've found your style.

For the past few weeks —maybe months— this amazingly cute actress has been popping up in blogs everywhere because of the stylish turn she's experienced. Rachel Bilson became extremely famous from her role in The O.C., where Mischa Barton got most of the attention and the good clothing. And something similar happened outside the show. Once the series was over, however, she started this process I've been talking about. The result is this lovely and —I hope— endless list of perfectly composed outfits based on beautiful simplicity and smart clothing. The last pictures of her going to Barney's in NYC coped it all. Behold.

Now, my "surprises" of the day have been MK Olsen and Josh Hartnett. I've always been a fan of Mary-Kate —although it is her sister who has me enchanted— but her last ensemble is definitely one of my favourites. 

Nevertheless, if surprises is the topic for today, I cannot skip this. I confess I have been keeping an eye on them since the first time I found out about The Jonas Brothers. Three bros; a 20-year-old, a 18-year-old and a 15-year-old one have proved that you don't need to wait for eternity to look stylish. I assume they have a professional working behind them, but this is only a guess, I'm not certain. Whichever way it is, their looks don't stop atonishing me. I would define their style as sort of a Brit preppy meets American East coast meets ethnic-retro-cool. It's simply unexplainable, but you can't stop looking.

[Credit photos: JustJared & Dlisted]

I'm off.


Eva. said...

i luv the josh hartnett picture ive never seen it before and ofcourse, i love rachel bilson

Coco's Tea Party said...

Thank you for the sweet comment
I think Rachel looks amazing, she is deffinately one of my favouirte LA girls, but the white jeans and boots were not doing it for me