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Some people may hate me for this. Some may even send me threatening letters to punish me for what I am about to do. I find myself in a little bit of a situation. While most of the world covers their skin in these last months of winter, I look around and realize it is like Spring in Barcelona. I therefore receive the inspiration for this mid-season special. Whether it's global warming or weather's lack of originality, I do not know, but I do know it is always better to have well planned out or at least have a few guidelines for not finding oneself helpless in front of the wardrobe in the change of seasons.
As I do every time around this time of the year, I like to have a look at some of my favourite "simple-lined" designers, for it is thank to them that I can dress appropiately when Winter decides to clear the way for Spring. For me the key words are simple, plain and clean. Simple lines, plain colors and clean cuts. Some may say it's boring, I like to call it classy and timeless. Grey, beige, khaki, white, navy, black... always with a little glimpse of color introduced by accesories.

I have often mentioned my perfect woman (in terms of clothing, of course) and I intend to keep porsuing her perfection through my guides to the ideal outfit. This mid-season is, then, time for lots of silk and cotton on tops.
Zac Posen's pleated black blouse is a perfect choice for a lunch in a terrace with friends. If it gets chilly, Stella McCartney's paillete cardigan will do the job making you look extremely chic but not out-of-scene. They both go fabulous with skinny jeans, let say by Marc by Marc Jacobs. Jacob's grey embroidered shopping bag is perfect to keep the outfit clean and it matched perfectly your white Chloé leather moccasins.

A pale pink oversivez tee tucked in high waisted pleated skirt feels just right for a casual date downtown. Just as right as choosing James Perse and Burberry. Development's twill blazer looks perfect with them, as do the patent leather Christian Louboutin's your wearing and Marc Jacob's bowler pleated bag.

An apperitif with friends before midday? Not a problem. Grab those classic True Religion jeans and mix them up with Philip Lim's slik tuxedo shirt. Put over Vince's oversize cashmere cardigan and wear your magnificent Sergio Rossi leather riding boots. Leave by-standers amazed with your dressing skills wearing Michael Kors' tote bag, one of the hot items of the season!

Now, let me proceed with the rest of items I selected for the best pre-Spring looks.
Sailor sweaters with a touch of glod are one of the chicest things to wear now, think Philip Lim. This arrowed neck shirt by bï la lï works perfect 24/7, you'll find a way to give it good use. Malene Birger's dot shirt will leave any gents on-lookers stoned; only know to wear it during a sunny morning when you won't freeze to death. Even simpler ideas are those of Burberry's safari shirt, Marc by Marc Jacobs silk jersey tee or even James Perse's lovely plain t-shirts.
Derek Lam's shirt dress is a very good choice for this time, you can not be wrong. Beauty should be taken with care as it can be tricky, like Stella McCartney's brilliant paillete embelished dress (like the cardigan) and the oversized cashmere silk dress. These baggy gabardine trousers are also by McCartney, a risky choice for its fitting, but certainly a fashion statement itself. To play it safer without jeopardizing elegance, try Miu Miu's slightly shorter slim trousers.
I always like to keep sweaters and cardigans quite simple, mostly when they're not used as dresses, hence my choices here. Both Philip Lim's long cashmere cardigan and Miu Miu's knit cardigan should be must-haves for the season. I instantly became enchanted with Michael Kors' cashmere kimono sweater, a beautiful and original choice. Knitted, plain-colored sweaters should also be always in your wardrobe, this season Chloé and Graham&Spencer offer really interesting specimens. However, it's See by Chloé that wins the sweater race for me with this cashmere sweater with a low, round back. Leave audiences amazed with it.
Jackets are as important now as in the winter, since the weather doesn't assure us that it won't get chilly. Chris Benz'z sleece jacket has the perfect combination of a great cut and an unfinished sort of look that contributes to that undone chic look you are going for. Philip Lim's Monet jacket is the kind of jacket you'd get to leave your intentions clear, you don't like to be a safe fashionista but you care about not pushing the boundaries too much. More classic choices are Helmut Lang's black blazer (I love women in black blazers!) and bï la lï cropped jacket also in black. Last is McCartney's scary-at-first khaki parka, it looks lovely with dresses though.
Now comes every woman favourite part, accesories. As important as what the ensemble you're wearing says is what the accesories answer. Personally, I like to either keep it simple or add a spark of unexpected color. For this latter I chose the previously presented Michael Kors' orange bag and these Pauric Sweeney patent shoulder bag and less-colored Burberry Audrey large tote. For simpler bags try lovely Bottega Veneta's intrecciata bag, Chloé's already classic bag, Marc by Marc Jacobs messenger bag or this gorgeous Pauric Dweeney basketweave bag.
For this last part of the special, shoes, I decided to go a bit crazy. Why not taking some risks with the footwear?

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