Monday, February 11

the coolest of SKIES

Blue, blue, blue. I can't take it out my mind. Every beginning of the season obsessions in the shape of trends start to sprout in my head weaving a creeper of fashion madness in my mind. Scissors and knives are of no use, helplessly leading me to give in. I know of no waiting and, therefore, I selected Spring features I can easily include in my late winter ensembles looking fresh in a hold back manière, for we're still in February. One of the first trends to be sneakingly picked out of the new season's wardrobe is that oh bright blue. It's not too light or summery shiny so that paired up with some grey and black makes the perfect end-of-the-winter look conjuring an almost imperceptible mirage of the Spring.

Yves Saint Laurent

Jil Sander

Tim Hamilton

Marc Jacobs

[Credit photos: Style &]

I'm off.


Marie-Kristine said...

i love, love, love that first ysl jacket!

blue is always such a great color to bring me out of my winter funk...

Aisha said...

yaaaay for blue! perfect for winter, plus It's my favourite colour :)

curly_boy said...

Es genial la primera foto de las dos que pusiste Marc Jacobs y la primera de Tim Hamilton.

No soy capaz de encontrar unas gafas como las de Adrian Brody en Darjeeling Limited. Por cierto, la viste ?

Coco's Tea Party said...

I really love blue, it is my fave colour to wear, these examples are all stunning too!