Saturday, February 2

Marc's BOLD friends

I'm so sorry about my disappearance from the blogging world, I had no Internet for a while and was with the obvious anxiety problems. A few things have happened in my absence, fashion weeks have started going on everywhere along with loads of parties and red carpet show-offs.

I am back with an update made in genious Marc Jacobs. The designer rencently hosted a party to premiere a documentary on him and Louis Vuitton, everyone was there wearing, what they thought to be, the best pieces out of their closets and giving us a peek of some of the new season's trends. However, this is not the topic of my post today. Mr. Jacobs has also launched a special set of t-shirts featuring naked a few of his celeb friends plus a few more nude hunks. Such a select bunch could only strip for a good cause, skin cancer. Mr. Jacobs unites NYU against this illness tempting us too to join in with these very cool tees at the very reasonable price of $35. The catch? They're only available at Marc by Marc Jacobs stores, so we Europeans will have to find a way to get the one we want. The t-shirts feature German model Heidi Klum, Naomi Campbell, singer Joss Stone, Dita von Teese, Eva Mendes and über-known Victoria Beckham among others. Mr. Beckham himself couldn't miss out on this one and has been the first one to be spotted bearing one of Jacobs' design portraying, obviously, his dear stiff wife.

Which one is your favourite? I can't wait to have Heidi's.

Click here to see the rest of models showing skin for the cause.

[Credit photos: Marc Jacobs and Pinkisthenewblog]

I'm off.


Coco's Tea Party said...

I think these tee's are quite cute, I like how David was wearing the Victoria one! Very sweet!!
And they are for a great cause!

EvaAmarri said...

I love these shirts. I especially love the Victoria Beckham one and Heidi Klum one.

Hildur said...

It's a great idea. My favourites are Heidi and Victoria