Saturday, February 16

the other BOLEYN girl

Two of the sexiest and best actresses of the current filming panorama are now in the German capital of parties to promote their latest film "The Other Boleyn Girl" at the Berlinale.

They're just cute as hell and their red carpet choices are quite flawless. For the afternoon event, though, Scarlett should've gone for heels, those black flats were not very flattering. The night carpet rain of flashes made it up for everything; Scarlett wore an aubergine Oscar de la Renta gown (very much his classic cut) with Miu Miu black pumps. Natalie chose a gorgeous Rodarte with the blue shade of the season and some pretty amazing detailing.
I will just say I wish I was Henry VIII!

[Picture credit: JustJared & Dlisted]

I'm off.


NonchalantMod said...

love their 2nd photo..i love what they are both wearing.

Shaz said...

oh i agree! These girls are absolutely gorgeous!! I love Scarlett in the Oscar De La Renta dress, its so her style and she looks superb. But she shoudl have gone for heels in the first photo because it makes her look like shes hunching or something standing in flats next to Natalie.

Adele said...

I totally agree.. I love your blog and your posts your so great. The second dress was deffinatly the best choice for Scarlett its looks so great and the colour is lovely! & Your right about the flats. Natalie always looks amazing lol :)

Tinsley said...

haha they're both so petite!
i loved natalies second dress - she definetly took a risk and it turned out well :)

Coco's Tea Party said...

It's all about Natalie
I'm not that into Scarlett although I'm sure she is a nice person really, but she doesn't wow me like she seems to everyone else
this purple on her however was AMAZING

Monika said...

both look fantastic, I agree with you 100 %

bronwyn said...

Great outfits, they're both so lovely especially Natalie Portman -she has such great poise, and Scarlett certainly knows how to strike a pose:)

discotheque confusion said...

I agree, I was thinking the same thing about Scarlett in her pumps, but I loved the dress, very cute indeed!