Saturday, February 9

project ORANGE

First of, I want to apologize to those who will have Project Runway's finale spoiled for reading this. I myself encountered a dilemma, should I or should I not sneak a peek at the celebrity guest judge? Well, the web is wide (hence www) and I did not really have a choice. I've been missing Project Runway season 4 since the very beginning, I'm sad because that show really kept me well entertained. The only thing I will now spoil, since that's too the only treat I've given myself before I actually whatch the show, is the guest judge part. Formidable stiff icon Victoria Beckham pulled off a beautiful tangerine gown by Versace with the appropiate matching shoes, clearly one of her fashion signatures.
Whose fruit do you like better, VB's or Giselle's high neck?

[Credit photos: JustJared]

I'm off.


Coco's Tea Party said...

I'm so into orange!
Jessica Simpson looks amazing in orange... just to let you know hahaha

Jaiden Jeremy James said...

orange is not my colour but posh knows how to work the most akward of outfits effortlessly