Thursday, March 20

an ORIENTAL touch

I am finally back to business. Let me apologize again for my absence, but a few affairs required my attention.

As I have usually narrated, I am specially keen on watching and re-watching runway shows over and over again during the season, scrutinizing every inch of the outfits and fixing my eyes on previously overlooked details and accessories. It was only last Friday when desperation caused by a delayed flight drove me to dive again into a few of the collections I had only so quickly glanced at —Just Cavalli, Salvatore Ferragamo and Alessandro Dell'Acqua. It was the latter which got a stronger hold of my attention. I cannot think of a reason why this collection seemed ordinary at first sight, perhaps for the restricted palette or maybe because of the oriental pin-up looks at the beginning, but looking at it again with a more open mind made notice how Dell'Acqua masterly used rubber on very wide, Asian-inspirated belts giving the perfect touch to the silouettes and bringing to the 21st century an ancient Kimono accessory. Then it came to realization that one of those rubber champagne-coloured belts had come my way not long ago during a visit at one of my favourite Barcelona shops. As I caressed the darker rubber strip I thought: "What a wonderful item, how versatile, how fresh! Who must have designed it?" The answer came that moment.

Now I ask, would you wear it? If so, how?

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I'm off.


Tinsley said...

I always tend to think that these crazy outfits can be worn off the runway. its all in the attitude and not mixing it with overpowering pieces.

glad your back!

Aisha said...

So glad you're finally back ;)
I hadn't watched these collections until now, I love those wide wide wide 'belts' :)

Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

This is tempting to try out since it looks very simple to re-create.

Mary-Laure said...

I love obis. My belly always feel cold so I'm always fashioning all kinds of obis with scarves, fabric etc.

Bocadelobo said...

that oriental looks so cool
have a great day!

hannah said...

im not sure if that looks for me. but if i were to wear it, i think i would rock the wide belts with some kind of really grundy band tee or something. put a spin on it.

Coco's Tea Party said...

I'd been wondering where you'd got too
I love the colours in these designs, so bright and bold

Adele said...

well im like really petite and have like a small torse if that makes sence lol so they would look so bad on me haha so no i wouldnt wear those wide belts... but they look amazing on those models.x

aizat.cinta.goddess said...

love it..u create another hip trend..well done..