Tuesday, April 29

Sorry about the lack of updates lately, but I am catching up with some work I shouldn't have procrastinated to begin with and sorting out several other things. Keep checking back for new updates shortly.

I'm off.


riz said...

Procrastination is the story of my life ;)

Eva M is gorgeous, and I was really sad to hear that she was struggling with body issues :(

riz said...

(Giggles) Except that's not Eva Mendes, though my comment still stands. I'm too exhausted to see straight!

Tinsley said...

hehe im procrastinating right now :P

a while back you put a comment on my daria blog for the cover of yo dona - if you are able to, can you explain what the article says (anything new interesting) and possibly scan?

it would be so great but if not its ok :)

Héloïse J. said...

procrastination is the theaf of time!
i luv the first and hate when the second goes by..

Mary-Laure said...

I love her style!