Monday, August 25

a STAR behind the clouds

When spotting a celebrity and scanning their outfit our eyes often skip garments and go straight to the accessories —bag and shoes, that is. Within days some of those über-stared at shoes and bags become the so-called "it" items of the moment and she-admirers start plotting to make themselves possessors of one. Alas, this has not been the case of all the types of Goyard items that have been hanging from starlets' hands for quite a while now.
Goyard is an old French brand. Or rather, one of those old craft houses which preferred to stick to quality and exclusivity even if that meant having a low revenue. Monsieur Goyard started out this brand under his own name around the 1860's and rapidly proclaimed himself as a master craftsman with deep taste and innovative vision. Just like Louis Vuitton luggage and custom-made bags are the signature creation of the French house. Nonetheless, Goyard differences itself from the acclaimed logo-maker only producing those items that are loyal to the house's foundations.
For most of the tasteful fashionistas reading this will probably not be a big discovery but it was only fair to give some credit to those items that sometimes are snatched their attention by trendier shapes and colours. After all, it is the classics that stay faithfully by our side despite changes in fashion.

Have a look at the famous carriers of Goyard:

In addition, have a look at the unknown yet fabulously stylish catches of The Sartorialist and Face Hunter:

For further information about Goyard, please click here.

[Pictures credit: JustJared, GossipGirls, The Sartorialist and Face Hunter]

I'm off.


your sis! said...

yo quiero uno!!!

Mia said...

those are the REAL it-bags! Not an LV which everyone is carrying around. Like everyone of us Celebs want to be different... thank you! Very interesting.

Thank you for your comment on my blog! <3 Let´s keep in touch!

it's an addiction. said...

ashley olsen & nicole richie are adorable- i love nicole's bag.

and by the way- i love 'the picture of dorian gray' too! great book.

thanks for your comment,

Ray TETAUIRA said...

god i love your blog too dude !! when i'll come to london, i wanna meet u too

Char Ruiz Manjarrez said...

I've always loved Goyard. My dream is to have all my luggage be Goyard, green and with a little C. of course.


hila said...

great bags indeed!

Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

Wonderful post. Goyard has long been my dream item to own--there is so much craftsmanship and history from that house.

Myriam said...

Those bags are amazing. I need one as my luggage ;D

Richel said...

these outfits are freaking fabulous!

alluretone said...

someone's knee caps are popping out.

lovely post, all of them look amazing.

Sydneydoll said...

thankyou very much.

thanks for the description of Goyard.
the bags are wonderful.
didnt know they were so popular.

atelier said...

not really my style, they don't look but though

Sunniva said...

I adore Goyard, and have done so for quite a long time! Ahh what a dream it must be to have a Goyard bag hanging from your arm.
Great post!


Winnie said...

I think they are so understated and are just so classic!

Coco's Tea Party said...

I love Nicole's bag. It looks so good for travelling!

Zepequeña said...

I need one!


Paul Pincus said...

my dogs run around in goyard. gryffin in orange. granger in blue. great post!!! cheers!

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