Thursday, January 14

bloody weekend starts on Thursday

These below are Vampire Weekend. They are, to my eyes, the coolest thing to hit the music scene is the last couple of years (no offence intended against anyone's taste) and they are playing at Somerset House in London tonight!
Why are they cool, you might ask. Well, here are three reasons:
1. They wear loads of Ralph Lauren colourful shirts and old-school blazers and were featured on the January issue of Vogue US (pic above).
2. They're all Columbia students and they describe their music as "Upper West Side Soweto"
3. The singer is called Ezra, their debut single was called "Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa" and my favourite song from their latest album is called "Horchata".

I'm off.


K said...

I love vampire weekend! saw them at glasto and loved them. just seen their new video today too, it was quite frantic!

Sarah Mendelsohn said...