Saturday, January 16

morning oddness

I have watched this video several times and I am still dubious. I might happen to lack an artistic eye, which I would find rather upsetting. Please watch the video and let me know if you agree or can help me figure out any of the following:
1. Is Tilda part of a freakishly-big-calfs club? (I know a person like that and I thought he was a one-off)
2. Are we supposed to think, after watching the video, that Temperly dresses are suitable for any occasion from a cocktail party to, say, hiking?
3. Does the video follow a chronological storyline? If so, where is Tilda carrying the second dress she changes into? And where does she leave the first one?
4. Do you think they binned the dresses after shooting or they dry cleaned them and gave them to Tilda?
5. Are the random script lines essential to understanding anything that is to be understood?
Please, help me sort this out. I can't sleep.
I'm off.

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TheRainWillRemain said...

Though I prefer Ryan Mcginley taking pictures I must say I love it