Tuesday, February 16

mum, I make my own clothes

As someone would say, Rodarte was beyond. Every time I'm about to watch a runway show by someone I admire (be it in person, video or pictures) I have this conflict in my mind —They can't do wrong, but what if they do? What if they've gone bonkers and totally missed the point? Well, as I dealt with this little internal debacle of mine the Rodarte FW10 show finally started and then my doubts were blown away.
I loved the music, the dominance of whites and the shoes —some espadrille-like derivates more folky than the wedge ones we've seen before. I quite dug the slightly baggy virginal lace that covered arms and legs. The layering and fascinating mixture of fabrics were somewhat ethereal yet realistic and skilfully draped, twisted and shredded in the Rodarte manner that we know and love. I couldn't keep California out of my mind and kept wondering whether this was some sort of return to their roots —a doubt that still wanders my mind due to the lousy sound of the interview with the Mulleavys after the show.
The finale was pretty amazing. As the last four models stood in the middle the lights dimmed and switched to neons that gave a very different view of the dresses and even more magical. As Elvis uttered the first lines of the quite appropriate 'Blue Moon' the rest of the models walked the runway once again given the impression that it was a whole new collection.
[Screen captures from the streaming show at ShowStudio]
I'm off.


Winnie said...

I so agree, I loved watching the stream for this, and those Kirkwoods were beautiful!

Juliet said...

The stream is fantastic!

juliet xxx