Saturday, February 6

Saturday splendour

I have been holding on to these pictures on my iPhoto (where I only keep my fashion imagery) trying to decide whether I had chosen them because they're sort of a chic version of pin-up or because Anne Hathaway looks ridiculously beautiful and hot in them. In any case I really like the fact that it is just about her —the wonders of GQ— and her body, which has this amazing combination of curvaceous and skinny that I very much like.
It seems Saturday morning is all about good-looking people. I don't know if any of you has ever heard of Brooklyn Decker. She is known for her swimsuit shoots on Sports Illustrated, which is very much a shame considering those unbelievable legs could do wonders for Victoria Secret! I think she lookes stunning in such a simple way —plus and I have a thing for blondes— and I'm really digging that sort of Anna Paquin-esque air she has too.
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[Picture credits:, JustJared]
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I'm off.

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