Tuesday, February 23

the three Burberry musts

I know these are tough times we live in but I can't help but say it again: Burberry was a tad disappointing. If any of you remember this menswear collection when you watched the show today, you know what I mean. There were plenty of beautiful coats and jackets but I wasn't surprised or moved or even disgusted. It was rather unoriginal to create two identical collections for men and women, no matter how the inspiration might be the same. But I still love Bailey and there were three specific aspects about his collection that really captivated me.
1. Chunky cropped jackets - Shearling is all the rage for FW10 and I get the feeling we're going to be seeing a lot of these jackets in a few months time. Did anyone else notice Mary-Kate's big smile when she saw the first of these?
2. Sexy orthopaedic shoes - Models seemed to be struggling with the booties a couple of times but these Burberry shoes look as cool as they look tough. I smell loads of Jak & Jill.
3. General fluffiness - It amazed me how many visually pleasing textures can been achieved without using fur. I just wanted to stroke the model's arms. (Sorry if it sounds somehow pervy).

[Screen captures from live.burberry.com]
Did you like Burberry?
I'm off.


WendyB said...

LOL @ "sexy orthopedic shoes"!

Juliet said...

I actually loved the show.

juliet xxx