Friday, March 26

vol. III

It seems as if celebrities really want to get this khaki versus pastels face-off going. Katie Holmes, who had fallen off the fashion radar for a while, seems to be getting her mojo back. She was spotted with her hair in a bun and wearing khaki, getting inspiration from Charlotte Ronson's SS10 line (?). This look stands pretty far from the 70's stepford wife-y look she had going on months ago. Personally, I am very much digging this more relaxed, even cool, Katie.
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Victoria keeps getting it right —and looking a bit Jackie O, no? She can't seem to decide between khaki and pastels, which seems fair enough when you're a fashionista. This time she was seen in Russia in a beige pair of legging-esque trousers with a black cropped jacket and her favourite Louboutin booties. Following this line, I wonder if we'll see Victoria in any Céline this season. It was one of my favourite collections and I'd love to see her wearing a couple of their pieces.
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I'm off.


Kirstie Marié said...

I much prefer the casual style Katie, she looks lovely and I love the contrast between the feminine ruffles and the tailored military style jacket!
Victoria also looks fabulous, I hope she does wear a little Céline as it was one of my most favourite collections too.

Kirstie Marié

Juliet said...

I prefer Victoria, and why did Kate drop out of our radar?

juliet xxx