Thursday, September 30

Moon & Earth

I first heard of Hakaan last season when the web swarmed with news of the Roitfelds flying to London only to watch his show. I was curious to see what was so especial about the Turkish designer whose line I had never yet Carine and Julia couldn't miss. Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised. Which is why I was disappointed to learn that he wasn't showing in London this season but excited to see what he had created for SS11. This collection was overall less body-con than FW10. He still sent a few mini dresses with his signature pelmets but the silhouettes were slightly more relaxed. There were plenty of tailored trousers and jumpsuits, which varied from the baggy to the skin-tight. Cut-outs, always in triangular shapes, revealing or suggesting necklines and hips in the sexiest manner. But the inspiration seemed to be otherworldly this time. White's supremacy evoked an alien world of modern minimalism as did the odd light grey pieces and the few black ones that were a perfect fit for Morticia Addams.
Rochas SS11 put a smile on my face. I was happy to see a new and fresh take on the overused countryside inspiration. Marco Zanini said he simply amalgamated all his favourite things for the collection, and these things show. There was true sentiment, almost romanticism, in the clothes. As it turns out, the Swedish countryside, where half of his heart lies. And so he commissioned Slotts Barbro's  Swedish pictorial work for Rochas' prints. One of the most charming collections we have seen so far.
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Juliet said...

Hakaan has amazing collecetion and Rochas even more!

juliet xxx

Cupcake said...

Beautiful blog! I've added myself as a follower and put u on my blogroll...come visit me for a laugh at! Keep up the beautiful work! :)