Saturday, October 23

Anna Superstar

It's been said that no one loves fashion as much as Anna dello Russo. I can't think of a single argument against that statement. Working with clothes is one thing but integrating fashion as a whole into your life is more than that. She wears it, breaths it and dreams it. Well, I reckon no one loves Anna dello Russo as much as I do. I had never been so inspired, entertained and excited about anyone since I first found out about Anna Wintour (it must run in the name) I can't remember how long ago. I can feel criticism coming her way because of the way she is being exposed on the media but I find this AdR craze completely understandable. The woman has worked in fashion for over 20 years and it's only now that she gets not only the recognition but the attention she deserved, so I say let her enjoy her life —no matter if that means launching a fragrance or making an album. I'd listen to AdR on my iPod everywhere!
Her latest venture has been appearing on the new cover of 10 magazine. She opens the issue with a goofy pose, dressed in Balmain and shot by Giampaolo Sgura. I am not a big follower of the magazine so I can't talk about facts but the photographer choice seems to have come from the model herself, who often works with him for her Vogue Nippon editorials. The "Let's celebrate" title on the cover might not be referred to her story inside but the pictures seem to celebrate Anna, her style and her work by re-enacting (perfect verb for someone who doesn't wear things twice) some of her most famous looks. My favourite is the pale pink Francesco Scognamiglio, which she originally wore with a policeman hat and which she substituted with the cherries she was wearing when I met her.
And to finish today's post —we could call it Saturday dello Russo— take a look at her unpacking in Paris joined by Sarah Rutson (who's got the sexiest accent). You might have seen Anna getting ready before but you've never seen her unpack. Behold.
I'm off.

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