Wednesday, October 20

Las nuevas ladies

You all know how fussy I am about magazine covers. I find it hard not only to like who's on the cover but I'm picky about the specific shot used. I am also extremely critical of how much text covers the picture in question. Well, the November issue of Vogue España is what I consider a perfect cover. Caroline Trentini, Iselin Sterio, Anne V, Toni Garrn and Kasla Struss show how it's models and not celebrities that belong in the opening page of Vogue. I love the kind of pyramidal composition and the neutral background with the right amount of black and white text evenly spread on top, bottom and sides. All of it shot by Patrick and Victor Demarchelier and styled by the amazing Belén Antolín, Vogue España's fashion director. I haven't yet bought a copy of the magazine because I am flying back to Spain the weekend after next but I can't wait to have it in my hands.
I know it's a weird thing to think but this issue almost feels like September. As if Vogue España has made of it more than just another volume of the magazine. It would be great if each version of Vogue picked their own month to create their best issue of the year. I'd love to collect random Vogue international editions. Crazy rant over. Enjoy this really fun video of the making of the November issue.
I'm off.

[Pictures: TFS]


Cupcake said...

V. cool! Thanks for the post.

Penny Dreadful said...

YES! I so agree, I am sick to death of celebrities on covers, and too much text splashed all over the place. Let's hope we see more of this soon!

Ellinor Forje said...

I love the editorial spread in the first post and the PM photos too. Cute blog. Come to mine when you have time.


Kirstie Marié said...

I never usually take interest in Vogue Espana unless in Spain however this seems like such an influencing issue, the cover is so beautiful too. I'd pay a visit to R.D.Franks if there wasn't a risk in me spending over £40 on magazines!

Love the post!