Wednesday, October 20

Look ahead and be bold

You know how much I love when people wear clothes way ahead of season. I have tried to refrain from bombarding you with posts of celebrities wearing SS11 looks that haven't even finished being produced to hit the stores in the spring but this was too good to resist. On Monday night, Diane Kruger and Gwyneth Paltrow attended an ELLE event in Beverly Hills and, as Francisco Costa's muses, they both donned Calvin Klein Collection. And not only both their dresses are from the SS11 line but the two looks weren't even in the catwalk show. If you remember the CK show you'll know that apart from a lot of white, some black and the odd blue there was only one bright-coloured dress that kind of resembles Kruger's. I'm a big fan of the looks that designers create outside the runway as more "commercial" pieces, which real people will be more likely to wear. And I particularly like the two cocktail dresses below because there is nothing better than a strong shape (that suits your body and personality) and a good colour (that compliments your hair and skin tone). Not to mention how bang-on future trend they are.
I'm off.



Cupcake said...

Paltrow's dress colour is beautiful! Such a stand-out!

Juliet said...

I do love both dresses! Really gorgeous and sexy!

juliet xxx