Friday, October 22

Meet Reed Krakoff

I had an accessories post prepared for today. I wanted to share my favourite bags and shoes for this winter but as I went through endless products on e-shops I kept going back to a specific bag. I don't know if you had heard of Reed Krakoff before. It turns out he has been the executive creative director of the infamous Coach for years. Which is why it came as even a bigger surprise how beautiful these bags are. Net-a-Porter sells a couple of his styles but my favourite has got to be the Boxer II in the tan leather with alligator and cream felt. It's the epitome of a contemporary timeless bag. In fact, it looks like the love child of a Birkin (flap pocket and belted around) and a PS1 (strap closure); a combination that equals perfection. And just as its love parents it comes in several colours and materials such as black leather and olive felt, beige suede or black and grey leather. I see popular fashion lovers the likes of Olivia Palermo going from Tribeca to the upper East side carrying one of these just as easily as I can picture my sister taking it to uni. The bad news is they start at £965 on the simpler models and they reach over £3000 for the alligator pieces.
I'm off.


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Penny Dreadful said...

Mmm yes, I do like (I think) the contrast between the leather and felt. I think this si eomthing that could really grown on you.