Saturday, October 16

Plus size who?

Yesterday evening I did my usual catching up with the upcoming international magazines. This is kind of an odd hobby of mine because I hate seeing editorials before I have them on paper before me but I am very keen on knowing what's going on in the industry. After spending the longest time looking at what Vogue Italia have done for November (amazing editorials and very neat cover!) I came across the latest Harper's Bazaar US. Christina Hendricks covers their November issue looking stunning in a red Michael Kors. The shoot inside, by Terry Richardson, is quite commercial but still very him —aka: raunchy. But the thing that caught my attention wasn't so much Richardson's recurring themes but what people were saying about them. In short, some people called out the stylist alleging Hendrick's curves make it hard for her to look good in something. It baffles me how we still have to read and hear such things in this day and age. As an avid Mad Men spectator I can honestly say I find Christina just as attractive and beautiful as January Jones. Not to mention it is ever so refreshing to see a curvaceous, real, woman covering a top fashion magazine. I could turn this post into an essay but I have no intention of boring anyone. I do, however, encourage all of you to read the story that accompanies the shoot. (And, for the record, I did love her at the Emmys!)

The video from the shoot is even more stunning than the final result. There is something so suggestive and clever about her eyes!
I'm off.


Stela ALVES said...

your blog is wonderful!!

Cupcake said...

I'd say most women would call her heavy and most men would call her hot. Nice post!