Sunday, November 7

Collage Sunday, 07.11.10

CollageSunday-VivVolpicellaI have realised how our Collage Sunday has gradually and organically become more about fashion individuals than trends. Something that is quite significative of where some of the trends are forged these days. Today's collage centres around a lady I've loved from the very first moment I laid eyes on her. Viviana Volpicella  is one of the Assistant Fashion Editors of Vogue Nippon and, hence, part of AdR's fantastic team. Her olive skin, brown hair and radiant smile are the perfect accessories to any Marni, Prada or Zara item. Pair these up with her signature degradé Way Farers, her Italian know-how and her innate effortlessness and you'll get the perfect recipe for a natural personal style. My only hope is to ever be able to say this in person. Next LFW maybe? —Buona domenica!

I'm off.

[Pictures: The Sartorialist, Garande Doré,, TFS]


Cupcake said...


brittany said...

nice post, maybe better with credits of the didn´t write all the credits!!!!!

iñaki said...

I have credited the websites I've used, as I always do. Most of the pictures are from The Fashion Spot. If you'd like to request any crediting please email me at

brittany said...

some pictures are from shoothebreeze here the link

the original pics had a frame and you cut it....These girl are friend of mine and they are tired of people stealing pictures without using the credits!!

iñaki said...

I HAVE NOT stolen anything. The is a disclaimer at the bottom of my page concerning that. And, as I already said, I credited The Fashion Spot, which is a legit source. I will add this credit as well, but there was absolutely no need of being rude, especially if you're not acquainted with the way things work.

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