Tuesday, November 30

Give your Apple some Liberty

About a week ago, Giulia and I were having a chat about which designer brands have created covers in their signature materials and patters for the über-famous iPad. Giulia had been on the hunt for one of them as a present and she had been told they were sold out at Louis Vuitton already but she luckily managed to get a hold of a Prada one before is too late. She also found out Hermès has made their own version but, much to our bafflement, it won't be out until after Christmas. The latest addition to the club is Liberty of London. They have created an incredible range of iPad, MacBook and iPhone covers in an array of designs and colours just in time for Christmas. My favourites are, of course, the pieces in their iconic patterned leather (in black, chocolate, blue and red) but they can also be found in a Gecko print (very cool!) and in some very British flower prints. The price range, £50 - £250, also makes them one of the most affordable choices on the market. You can buy the line at Liberty's website starting today and at their store from the 1st of December.
I'm off.

[Pictures: Liberty of London]


Juliet said...

I just got my first iPod so some kind a case would be practical. Thanks for the idea!

juliet xxx

Winnie said...

This makes me want an iPad or a MacBook soooooo much. Dammit. So pretty.