Monday, November 8

Introducing: Lilette Gobin

"I like the thought of my drawings as a point of contemplation" replies Elizabeth when I ask her about her illustration work. Lilette Gobin is Elizabeth's creative signature, the alter ego that drives her artistic mind and skilful hand. I've had the pleasure of knowing her since we were very young and wore uniforms. I was always in awe of what she could draw, what she could make with her hands, even just of what she could imagine. I have seen how her work has grown and matured, like her, through the years. Added to her natural talent is the more technical background, which she acquired at university. But she is a softy at heart —"I'd like for my drawings to transmit calm in the shape of intimate frozen moments". She is, hence, venturing into the exciting world of fashion illustration and I wanted to be one of the first to post about her. "Every illustration is also the creation of a scene where the focus is not only on the individuals but also on their attire, for it's design that moves me to create".
What I love the most about Lilette Gobin is how she is always dreaming. It's almost like she lives in a world where one can wear a Louis VI night gown with Louboutins to go grab a coffee with the girls. It's not surprise, then, when you hear she is a big fan of John Galliano. They both share a love for period drama brought to our days but not updated too much so as to not lose its essence. And I must add she is also an incredible (untrained!) fashion designer.
Lilette recently created a blog where she shares all her work. You will find very dramatic scenes situated in the 18th century just as easily as in the 20's. All of it next to 21st century girls with see-through mini dresses sipping Martinis and sporting mohawks. Keep an eye out for her because this is only the beginning!
You can see a picture of Lilette above, taken by her very talented photographer boyfriend. You can check out his absolutely stunning work here.
I'm off.

[Pictures: Lilette Gobin, Isaac César]

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