Sunday, December 19

Collage Sunday, 19.12.10

CollageSunday-StylevationArmyI've been talking about keeping warm and looking chic over the last few weeks and I'm hoping that, by now, you've all managed to find a way around it. But just in case you haven't here is some more proof that it actually is possible. I met Camilla, Caroline and Marthe at LCF, where I quickly realised how present style is in their everyday lives. They recebtly started a blog —Stylevation Army— where they share everything from inspiration and photo diaries to their personal style and their press day picks. I'm a fan not only because we're friends but because I like their genuine point of view, their eclectic style and their bubbly personalities. After all, they're Scandinavians. What else could we expect?   —Happy Sunday!

Don't miss their blog and remember to add them on twitter: Caroline, Marthe, Camilla.
I'm off.


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A La Mode said...

Gorgeous outfits! x