Monday, December 27

Some Alba to end the year

First of, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. Giulia and I hope you've had a great few days and that Santa has been as kind to you as, we know, you deserve (you read soVIPzone, after all). We hope that your new leather iPad covers, winter fedoras and fur vests have kept you amused enough for our absence to go unnoticed. Just as we're gathering forces to post are round-up of the year, choose our New Year's ensembles and write down (or list) our resolutions for 2011 we thought we'd make one last regular post on 2010. Jessica Alba has pretty much owned it this year in and out the red carpet. She's as good an actress and she is a mum and she's now adding style icon to the list. She's now on the cover of the Jan/Feb 2011 issue of Harper's Bazaar Australia looking incredible in some Louis Vuitton, which makes us doubt the obsoleteness of Cruise collections. It also sets the mood for the new season, SS11, which we'll soon be getting ready for.
I'm off.



Juliet said...

Alba looks amazing in these!

juliet xxx

Myriam said...

Hello gorgeous?? I might cut off my fringe to try her hairstyle but I don't think cutting it off would make it better haha *hair fail*