Sunday, January 23

Collage Sunday, 22.01.11

CS-Zoe'sGirlsLast Monday, after the Golden Globes, Iñaki and I were talking about how Rachel Zoe's girls always look a lot more bananas on the red carpet than the rest and how it was a shame no one even mentioned her name during the event. So I thought selected some of her best moments. I tried not to go for the obvious but looks like Zoe Saldana in Givenchy Couture still make me die, so I couldn't skip it. Making the collage I realised Rachel always puts her girls in colours (I mostly only wear white, pink and black) and designs I would have also picked (ruffles, bows sequins and feathers). What are your favourite Zoe moments?
- Have a lovely Sunday!

Giuls xx



Juliet said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE these looks! She does the best work!

Juliet xxx

Paloma said...

Love the collage and Love Rachel!


Lindsey said...

Love this! I never knew Rachel Zoe was responsible for all this- I feel like stylists never get enough credit, when they're the ones doing the work! Cameron in the turquoise jewelry has to be my favorite.