Thursday, January 20

Italian musketeers

One of the best things about having an on-going fashion week is the amount of street style pictures we get to enjoy in addition to the catwalk shows. During this past Milan Uomo Fashion Week I have enjoyed not only the looks of the most stylish men in the industry but also the incredible looks of my three favourite people in fashion: Anna dello Russo, Viviana Volpicella and Aurora Sansone. There is no one I wish to meet more than them. I can't think of anybody more fun to spend fashion week with than Anna dello Russo with Viviana's smile to make every minute special and Aurora's suave coolness to park conversation. If only they came to London Fashion Week... (we could have a moment like the one I photoshopped in the first image).
I'm off.



Cristina said...

Italian style.. =)

Interno 2 said...

Hi, wonderful Viviana with My Tea Cup skirt.