Wednesday, January 26

Jessica Alba's über-chic Parisian trip

Jessica Alba is definitely on a roll. I have been keeping a close eye on what she's worn for the last 5 weeks and she has proven that she has a great personal style. Not only her red carpet and party dresses have been excellent choices but her street style is even more spot-on. This week we have seen a lot more from her as she travelled to Paris to attend some of the Haute Couture shows and Paris Vogue's Gucci party. For the latter she donned a sparkly cocktail dress by the Italian house, which looked almost like a big jewell wrapped around her body. This dress would have looked rather slutty on mostly anyone else but Alba makes it look sexy and subtle. The drapey shoulder detail is a great call. I just hope we get some side and back shots to appreciate it fully.
My favourite thing about her style is that she doesn't really wear anything any woman wouldn't. And what I mean by that is you don't see outrageous stilettos and Hervé Légers to go grocery shopping. She loves her black and her leggings and always accompanies them well with a dash of colour. I am particularly keen on her leather-armed parka. Get me one, please.
I'm off.


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Gandhi meets Chanel said...

She manages to look classy in everything .