Tuesday, January 25


Giulia and I are very excited to share with you a new feature on soVIPzone. We had talked so many times about how street style was one of the things we always felt the blog lacked. We never considered sharing pictures of ourselves because we really don't like our picture taken so it came as a no-brainer to ask our very stylish friends from Stylevation Army to give us a hand. You might remember them from our Collage Sunday from a few weeks ago. We met Marthe, Caroline and Camilla (in the order displayed below) at LCF where their Norwegian style genes put half of the other students to shame on a daily basis. They are, hence, our newest collaborators and have promised to bring a dose of real style every Tuesday to soVIPzone.
Remember to check our their blog for even more stunning looks and don't forget you can follow them on twitter (click on their names for the individual ones).
I'm off.

[Pictures: Stylevation Army]

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kellina said...

cool idea, i'm following stylevation army, love the name!