Monday, February 7

Best dressed of the weekend: Unexpected guests

When I picked the three ladies that would make it into this week's 'Best dressed of the week' I knew that there would be some controversy about two of them. No one will argue how unbelievably chic Kate Moss looked trotting the streets of Paris at the beginning of the weekend. It's hard to find any flaws in her style, especially these days when she's keeping clean, staying out of trouble and getting engaged in Paris. Katie Holmes and Emily Rossum are another story. I choose Holmes' look because, while somewhat conservative, I felt it kind of channeled Jackie O. Which is not surprise considering Katie recently played her for a TV miniseries. I love the combination of the blouse, the light washed jeans and the low cowboy boots. And then, Rossum. I have never liked it as she's always seemed too cheesy for my taste. But she looks charming in that red and burgundy Etro dress very much in line with the 20's orientalism we saw at Louis Vuitton's SS11 show but rather more restrained. Agree?
I'm off.


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