Sunday, February 6

Collage Sunday, 06.02.11

CS-MischaBartonHaving Mischa Barton as the centre of our Collage Sunday seems a little anachronistic, I know. But when Giulia did her Rachel Zoe's girls post I felt like there was a main figure missing. It would have been unfair to simply add a couple of pictures of Mischa in it because, even though she's not fashion-relevant at the moment, hers and Marissa's wardrobe in The O.C. marked a before and after on the role of fashion on TV (at least for younger, hipper audiences than Sex and the City's). Mischa and her alter ego personified the ultimate boho chic style (brought to perfection in the Missoni look below and in this other one) in the most effortless of ways. She seldom wore heels on TV and every bag design Chanel ever made was worn by Marissa to school. In 2006 Mischa left the show in style wearing Chanel's SS06 closing look paired up with gladiator sandals for her graduation after three years of continuous hits.

On a more personal note I'd like to comment on The O.C.'s influence on my friends' and my own fashion sense. This show encouraged in us the idea of fashion as a way to express yourself in a natural way. And because of that, and because of how much some of us tried to emulate it I'd like to dedicate this post to my friend María. Her Prada boots and D&G tops were the Coop to my Cohen argyle jumpers.
I'm off.



María said...

Owwww.....I´m crying over my keyboard,honey....!(literarily)...I do miss those old school days...

Paloma said...

Loooooove Misha!


Gandhi meets Chanel said...

I've been a huge fan of Misha's outfits since forever even though lately after all the trouble she had faced last year her style became a bit boring .

Reyes said...

what a fantastic show (it meant totally the same to me)
what a fantastic style (mischa's)
what a fantastic couple you are, iñaki y maría

ele said...

i totally agree with you!i miss OC a lot.. Marissa was an icon!