Sunday, February 27

Collage Sunday, 27.02.11: Versace goes back to Gianni

VersaceFW11I have very seldom posted about Versace on the blog over the last few seasons. Except for the odd red carpet hit it's not a brand that often appeals to me. But every once in a while Donatella rescues some of Gianni's old flavour and manages to create a collection that reminds me of why I loved his brand so much. For fw11 Donatella has done very simple shapes, mostly cocktail dress length and black or white, with bold graphic motifs in purple, yellow and green. These, together with the big gold logo detailing took me back to the Versace of the late 80's and early 90's. I particularly liked the white one-shoulder night number that Abbey Lee rocked on the runway and the incredible bejewelled medusa evening bags, which, I hope, will make a big hit.

I'm off.


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Lindsey said...

I feel the same way about Versace lately, but yes, sometimes there are fabulous hits and this collection is one of them. The colors are fantastic -bold but not too out there, and all the little details are exquisite.