Monday, February 14

Grammys 2011: Couture frenzy

I never thought I would be choosing the Grammys red carpet choices over the BAFTAs'. The British red carpet usually delivers the best subtly grand looks but this year there was little excitement in the wardrobe department. Over in LA, however, everyone donned the best of the best. We saw, at least, four or five Haute Couture pieces from the SS11 collections shown in Paris only a couple of weeks ago. My favourite by a mile was Florence (sans la machine) in Givenchy couture. I daresay she even looked cooler in it than Carine Roitfeld, who wore it in NYC for the AmfAR gala. Florence already caught my attention two weeks ago when she appeared on Gossip Girl. There is little room for improvement once you wear Givenchy couture but if she keeps this up I'll soon be a fan.
Rihanna, whose still I'm still loving, wore not one but two couture gowns last night. The first was a SS11 Jean Paul Gaultier, which on the catwalk looked a little like a wedding dress but it was perfect for Ri-Ri, who refrained from accessorising it. Good choice. The second gown belonged to Christian Dior's FW10 couture collection, one of my favourite ones of the last few seasons. I really liked the fact that they made it a little sexier by lifting the front chiffon and pansies print.
The other attendees in couture were Nicole Kidman, who also wore SS11 Jean Paul Gaultier, and Nicki Minaj also in Givenchy. Who was your favourite?
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Lou Lou said...

Rihanna in Dior couture and Florence in Givenchy couture really were spectacular to see. It was like the dresses were made for them. Perfect.
I really love your blog by the way. Always interested to see what your photoshop collages consist of.

Richarsson said...

intento aprender, lo juro, pero el primero de Ri-Ri me pareció un miss en toda regla

Anonymous said...

Have you seen that? In this ceremony there was a lot of style

Juliet said...

These look amazing!

Juliet xxx