Tuesday, February 22

soVIPstreet-style: Spring's coming

This week our girls have started taking slow but steady steps towards spring. We are all ready for the new season but, especially if you live in London, the weather still doesn't allow us to be rid of coats and scarves. Marthe opted for an outfit in line with last week's. She combined her black leggings and boots with a leopard printed throw-on over a light jumper. She kept warm with a chunky black scarf and brought some colour in by means of her pastel pink mulberry bag. Caroline did a slightly romantic take of the garçon look. She wore high-waisted black tailored shorts with a sheer creme blouse and patent leather lace-up shoes —très chic. Camilla chose a more urban location and was still feeling folky this week. She paired up her breton t-shirt with slightly high-waisted black jeans. She gave character to the outfit with black suede clog boots and made it playful with the fringed bag leather jacket. Even her hairstyle rose to the occasion. I love the braid!
I'm off.

[Pictures: Stylevation Army]

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Is This Real Life? said...

The animal print cape is just superb! Lovely pictures!