Tuesday, March 22

WintourWSJmagcoverI remember when I saw the first cover of Industrie magazine I thought that would be the closest thing we'd ever get to actually having Anna Wintour on the cover of a magazine. I didn't think Anna would ever agree with being shot and plastered across the front of a glossy magazine. But the Wall Street Journal magazine has proved me wrong. For their latest issue they have Anna's bust proudly profiled on their cover, which was shot by Mario Testino. I love the fact that the picture is simple but the fact that it's her profile makes it look different and, I don't know if intentionally, like the Queen on our sterling pound coins, which is simply genius. She is heavily retouched, though, which disappoints me a little but I guess is predictable coming from someone's whose business is to sell youth and glamour. This was a terrific call on the WSJ's side and even though I a die hard Anna fan it's probably best if she doesn't do this anymore. After all, we only need one super exposed Anna and dello Russo is the best at that.

I'm off.

[Picture: FashionGoneRogue.com]


Juliet said...

It's a great cover!

Juliet xxx

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