Monday, March 7

Can I have a McRoyal wedding with extra feathers?

McQueenroyalweddingIn December, when I dealt with the issue of the royal wedding dress, I said I wouldn't have bee outraged if Kate Middleton didn't choose a British designer, which was a long shot. I would have loved to see the rules broken, in a way. But this didn't prevent me from being absolutely stoked when I first heard that Kate had chosen McQueen —or Sarah Rutson, to be more precise— to make her wedding dress. It would have been ideal if Lee himself could have done this, as his references to monarchic attire were present in most of his most successful collections. Whether the reason for choosing the house are strictly style-related, which I doubt, or a way of tribute both to Lee and British fashion it seems to me like the best choice. And I think so because McQueen represents the perfect marriage of tradition and modernity, which is something I rather hope the king and queen-to-be are intending to achieve. Design-wise, my guess is that we'll see something in the line of Lee's last collection —a long-sleeved and relatively closed neckline on top and a flowy front and somewhat short trail at the bottom. My preference would be for feather detailing, which Lee did so well, but I am guessing we'll have to be contented with some restrained beading.

I'm off.

PS. How relevant is this picture now?


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