Wednesday, March 30

Roger Vivier fw11 Press Day
When I arrived at the Roger Vivier press day yesterday I was instantly awakened not only by the espresso that I quickly drank but even more so by the stunning merge of 30's and 40's inspiration and rock and roll style of the fw11 collection. Slick stilettos in black velvet, colourful suede and sparkly embellishments were, for me, the protagonists of the collection. A role almost shared with the some of the very contemporary and dramatic clutches of crow-appliquéd feathers and neon yellow shaved marmot. It seemed almost paradoxical how every piece felt like it was created to make a statement without really meaning to. I loved the use of brogue detailing on heeled Chelsea boots and Vivier's signature bags, which worked just as smoothly as the gold flat studs did on the patent leather accessories and loafers. Out of the whole line the pieces that completely stole the show for me were the suede "harlequin" stilettos (very Viviana Volpicella, if you ask me) and "Chesterfield" inspired structured clutch because of their art and interior design references and the golden heart-embroidered evening clutch because of its refined and intricate hand-sewn detailing.

I'm off.

[Pictures: Iñaki C.]


Is This Real Life? said...

LOVE the tan boot, it would look perfect with a dress for summertime!

Giuls said...

Agree! Love the tan boot too! Oh and the maccarons :D

P! said...

Loove your blog is amazing!!
All your pictures are so great!!
Your style is cool!
I follow u!