Thursday, March 10

So much fuss for this?

When Blake Lively was announced as the new face of Chanel (or the Mademoiselle line, to be more precise) I was pretty excited. Anna Wintour is usually very right in her celebrity recommendations to designers. And after the infamous Chanel yeti campaign I expected, at least, something a little more original than a bunch of bland pictures shot at the famous mirrored staircase of Coco's apartment. Blake does look beautiful, but there's no effort involved in making her look that good. Not to mention that the bag line in question is damn ugly. Frankly, I am disappointed and bored. If Lagerfeld doesn't feel motivated to shoot without Giabiconi in the picture maybe he should hire Mario or Patrick to take the pictures for him every so often... What do you think?
I'm off.



Young Saigonese ! said...

i agree !
if this is not Chanel, then this boring ad campaign won't get any sales :)

Giuls said...

Completely agree with you. If it didn't had Chanel logo on it and Blake the campaign wouldnt sell! it is boring... and kind of deja vu!

Andy said...

Blake is beautiful -of course! The campaign is really bored and the bag................... Too old style design! If it isn't Chanel....... I don't wonna think.....


Lindsey said...

I love the pictures and Blake is beautiful but you're right, there's no creativity or innovation in the photos.

Adrian said...

there's no creativity in it because blake is not a creative choice. it's a very profitable one. she is the safest option in the world and a guarantor for bestsellers. don't expect karl to show her butt naked in a kiddie-pool like freja.