Thursday, March 3

Would you hold it against me, Lee?

Earlier this afternoon Giulia and I had a little discussion over bbm about Britney, her comeback and her new video. Like me, she was happy of how the V magazine cover turned out because it reminded her so much of the old Britney, who we both loved. Talking about the 'Hold it against me' video we differed a little. Giulia really liked it and, while I can never dislike something Britney makes, I wasn't totally keen on it. I was especially horrified by the big diamond white dress she wears together with diamond necklace and diamond cuffs. So I watched the video again, with an open mind. Now I can at least say that I don't feel as bad about it because not only is wasn't nearly as atrocious as I remembered but there was kind of a homage to McQueen's famous S/S99 collection. Whether intentional or not this nod to the genius gives Britney enough brownie points (in my book, anyway) to even up the score and increase her chances of the comeback she truly deserves. What did you think of the video?

I'm off.

[Pictures: Screencaps from VEVO]

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Natalia Ja. said...

omg i so agree with the fact it looks like McQueen show in 99' !
thats exactly what i thought of when i watched the video for the first time!