Tuesday, April 12

It's covers like this one that make me love magazines so much. This is probably my favourite cover of W since Stefano Tonchi took over and one of the best ones he's done so far. I wasn't the biggest fan of the last two issues. Even though I really liked the content the covers were messy and I didn't quite see how the cover stars were relevant.
I can't deny the fact that January has a lot to do with it but I love how minimalist and clean these shots by Craig McDean are and how modern and elegant Lori Goldstein's styling is. I love that they've kept the cover headlines to a minimum in at least one cover, my favourite, and that they've done a full body second cover. We don't get to see many of those these days and, quite frankly, I am getting very tired of the waist crop, not to mention Anna's and Alexandra's extreme close-ups.
From what I've read about the content of the issue I already know I will love it back to back. I am excited about the big Design Now feature as much as I am about Silvia Fendi's and I can't wait to see Alexander Wang's apartment!



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P.S. your blog is looking fab and has been even more of a spectacular read lately xx

Le Petit Closet said...

Me acabo de enamorar de la cazadora de cuero de la portada.
Te sigo.
Le Petit Closet


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