Tuesday, April 26

The latest cover of Interview comes as a relief. This magazine and Vogue Paris are my two favourite publications so I like to see what they do regardless of whether it's my taste. However, last month's Lil Wayne cover wasn't my cup of tea at all. In fact, I found it so unpleasant I couldn't even get myself to post about how much I disliked it.
Gratefully, Michelle Williams cover for the May issue will make up for that. The front picture and the editorial inside, by Mikael Jansson, feel very refreshing after some of the very dark main stories from the last 2010 issues. I would still like to see more body shots on the cover but Interview hardly ever do that.
Michelle's story, by novelist Vendela Vida, promises plenty of talk about the shooting of 'Blue Valentine'. It's quite a nice idea to have Ryan Gosling (Williams' co-star on the film) talking about the experience pre-release and then have Michelle talk about it once we've seen it.
I am also excited to read the Olivier Theyskens interview (I wonder who's done it). See the rest of the editorial here. I love the picture of Michelle with the big glasses!


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Lou Lou said...

You just reminded me to pre-order Blue Valentine on Lovefilm! Michelle Williams is so uniquely stylish. Lovely shoot, thanks for sharing x