Friday, April 8

JessicaAlbavogueitalia"Vogue Italia is very Italian", that's what I constantly hear people say about the magazine. Something that, to me, is actually a really great thing because Italian style is the only one that has always managed to stay classic throughout decades yet it feels contemporary and relevant every season. Has Miuccia Prada not been one of the most forward-thinking designers in the world for decades now? I always love what Franca Sozzani does for her Vogue and if you include Jessica Alba in lacy masks, Giorgio Armani sequins and black feathers, well, I'm on board. The editorial, shot by Michelangelo di Battista, goes along an interview with Jessica, which I can't wait to read. I always giggle with her good sense of humour (I remember a particularly good one from Interview magazine) and I'm also constantly amazed at how real and down-to earth she seems. Give me a real woman with a Prada fur stole any day!

See the rest of the editorial here.


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