Friday, May 27

Filling up Zoe Kravitz’s wardrobezoekravitzwardrobe
Don't you love it when celebrities really make an effort for their film tours? I do. I can't wait to see the new X-Men film for many reasons. For one, I am a big fan of the saga and, well, January Jones might have something to do with many others.
January, however, is not looking her best these days on the red carpet. And being pregnant is not an excuse as Jessica Alba has proven. Thankfully, Zoe Kravitz is there at every premiere to make up for Jones. She has always had a certain fashion flair but I've never taken much notice. Until now.

I am really into everything that she's worn so far. Specially the super modern Alex Wang silver velvet dress. There is something very 90's Calvin Klein about the silhouette but the fabric and the colour make it super interesting and I love the attitude Zoe wears it with.
And I might just be going to the totally obvious but she strikes me as a very Wang girl. In the same way that I think she would look so cool in many of Phillip Lim's and Proenza Schouler's designs. I didn't think she'd risk going full-length, given her shortness, but I am glad she did because one can only wear so many cute mini-skirts or cocktail dresses.
So I am hoping for plenty of looks as successful as the above. It's not every day that a true New Yorker gets to show off around the world.

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