Tuesday, May 31

Two things that made me happy todayOlsensArmadillo
I've been really uninspired to blog for the past couple of days. I suppose there is always something to post about but I couldn't be bothered. Still now, as I'm writing this, I couldn't think of many other things I'd like to write about.
However, I did want to share these pictures with you. I was going through Terry Richardson's diary and found these pretty recent shots of Mary-Kate and Ashley. Needless to say, I am in love with the picture at the top, which is already my laptop wallpaper. I don't know what it is about Terry's shots of people against a white background that makes everyone look so cool, no that the Olsens need any help being cool.
Also randomly surfing the web I came across this super cool armadillo handbag from Rokit. I'm not usually much into quirky fashion accessories but I love this bag. It seems perfect for the summer with some denim shorts and a basic tee. Also, it looks like the kind of thing MK would love to wear, no?

[Rokit, Terry Richardson]

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