Wednesday, May 25

The Apocalypse is near- Eau de Bieber

'Someday' by Justin Bieber. Is that as in 'someday you'll have me but in the meantime you can smell me'? I rather smell Lady Gaga's sweat, I'd even prefer a scent of this 'Bieber'. Who would trust a 17-year-old to tell them how to smell?
The bottle might look familiar to you. That's because it looks like the retarded chubby ugly sister of Marc Jacobs' Lola perfume.
If the putrid plastic flower filled with Bieber scent wasn't enough there had to be a commercial. It's sort of half-way between Peter Pan and Romeo and Juliet in a mirror maze.


kike P.Heras said...

jajajaja, no puedo parar de reirme...que frasco más feo!

reyes_adp said...

fue lo primero que pensé cuando vi el frasco en the cut, joder es que es calcado. mal, pero calcado.
en qué momento te mandan diseñar un frasco y copias uno tan sumamente famoso?